39th Annual Conference of Linguistic Society of Nepal (39th LSN), November 26-27, 2018, Kathmandu

Linguistic Society of Nepal (LSN) organizes an annual conference on 26-27th November every year since 1979. The conference is one of the major activities of the Society which provides a platform for the scholars from home and abroad who have been working on different aspects of languages. LSN has called for the papers to be presented in the forthcoming conference 39th LSN. Submission deadline is 20th September, 2018. Please follow the link below for details on call for paper and the conference itself:

39th LSN

Nepalese Linguistics Volume 33

Linguistic Society of Nepal (LSN) publishes a journal Nepalese Linguistics. Volume 33 of the journal will be published on 26th November 2018. The edtorial board has called articles the upcoming (33rd) volume from those scholars who presented their paper/s at 38th annual conference of LSN. The submission deadline is 20th September 2018. Please follow the link below for details: