Call for Articles (CFA)

Linguistic Society of Nepal (LSN) invites you to submit your research article on different aspects of language and linguistics in prescribed format for the upcoming (36th) volume of its annual journal, Nepalese Linguistics. The manuscript should be original and not submitted elsewhere for publication. Priority will be given to the articles based on the papers presented at the 41st and 42nd Annual Conferences of Linguistic Society of Nepal. The submitted manuscripts will go through Double-Blind peer-review, and the contributors will be notified for further modifications, if needed. The final decision will be based on the quality, originality, and the possible contribution to the knowledge of language and linguistics. Note that articles received after the deadline will not be entertained.

Format to be followed

  1. Abstract: Maximum 100 words (italics)
  2. Keywords: Maximun 5
  3. Maximum number of pages: 12
  4. Minimum number of pages: 6
  5. Column: Double
  6. Column spacing:  0.75 cm
  7. Page size: 18 cm × 24 cm
  8. Orientation: Portrait
  9. Margins: 1.5 cm in all sides
  10. Line spacing: Single
  11. Paragraph spacing: 6 point before and 0 point after; but no paragraph space between the lines in the same example (including gloss, and free translation). Please note that each example will be considered as a paragraph.
  12. Header and Footer: Must be within 1.5 cm margin
  13. Fonts: Times New Roman (10 point) for description
  14. Data need to be in International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Unicode (Font size 10 point).
  15. Reference style: APA 7th Edition
  16. Headings and subheadings need to be numbered in decimal format and example data must be numbered in small brackets such as (1), (2), (3).
  17. If other scripts are necessary (on orthography, dictionary, etc.), please use the fonts compatible with Unicode.
  18. Leipzig Glossing Rules (LGR) will be basic guidelines for glossing.
  19. You are requested to submit both DOC/DOCX and PDF files.
  20. Headings/captions of the tables, figures, maps need to be numbered and placed at the top
  21. All the titles and sub-titles need to be in sentence case

Please, put the author’s information (Author: given name(s) and family name; Affiliation, Country, Email, and specified primary contact in case of multiple authors) in a separate page.

Important dates

Submission: August 20, 2022

Notification with reviewers’ comment: September 20, 2022

Resubmission with revision (if needed): September 30, 2022

Publication: November 26, 2022 (for hard copy),Online will be published before that date Email address to submit the article: