Linguistic Society of Nepal (LSN) is a non-Government non for profit organization of the scholars working in the field of linguistics. LSN was founded in Kathmandu in 1979 by an enthusiastic university teachers working at different departments at Tribhuvan University. It was aimed at enhancements of research and dissemination in the field of linguistics in Nepal as well as sharing of knowledge among the linguists around the world. As it has two major sides enhancement of the research activities and provide with a platform to share knowledge, it publishes its journal and it holds conferences regularly an annual basis.

One of the major contributions of LSN is the establishment of department of linguistics at Tribhuvan University. The department is carrying out the teaching and research activities from the beginning. As LSN has its closer relationship to department of linguistics it also collaborates with the department in its activities. It also collaborates with other university departments as well as other academic organizations.