Meeting with Former Presidents on August 12, 2012


Executive Committee of Linguistic Society of Nepal organized a meeting on August 12, 2012, at Seminar Hall, Central Department of Linguistics, Tribhuvan University with Society’s former Presidents and Chief Editors of the journal Nepalese Linguistics. The main objective of the meeting was to discuss on how the Society be enhanced with the active support from former Presidents and Chief Editors as they have experiences of their tenure.

The meeting had following agenda:

  • Establishing Roster of reviewers for the Journal/Request Senior Linguists to be reviewers
  • Request the former presidents and chief editors for their articles for LSN Journal
  • Suggestions for the journal of LSN from the former chief editors
  • Organize workshops/seminars/talk/presentation before/after the conference 2012/request senior linguists
  • Resource generation

The former Presidents Dr. Ramawatar Yadav, Professor Dr. Abhi Subedi, Professor Nirmal Man Tuladhar, Professor Chandra Prakash Sharma, Professor Dr. Tej Ratna Kansakar, Professor Dr. Yogendra Prasad Yadava, Professor Dr. Madhav Prasad Pokharel, Professor Dr. Novel K Rai, Professor Dr. Govinda Raj Bhattarai, and Dr. Dan Raj Regmi were present in the meeting.

Professor Dr. Kamal Prakash Malla is currently out of the country, Professor Dr. Chura Mani Bandhu is out of Kathmandu and Professor Dr. Jai Raj Awasthi is busy in other meetings as he is currently Vice Chancellor of Far Western University.

As most of the Chief Editors of the journal had also become Presidents or vice a versa, there is a limited number of people who are former Chief Editors but not former Presidents. Among the Former Chief Editors Dr. Simon Gautom was present in the meeting.

Dr. Subhadra Subba is currently the Principal of a College and was busy with the programme of theCollege. So, she could not attend the meeting. Similarly, Professor Hriseekesh Upadhyaya was out of Kathmandu and Mr. K. B. Maharjan was out of the country. Therefore, both of them could not attend the meeting.

Mr. Krishna Prasad Parajuli, President of the Society Chaired the meeting, Mr. Kamal Poudel, General Secretary conducted the program, Mr. Bhim Lal Gautam, Vice President of the Society welcomed and expressed vote of thanks, and Mr. Bhim Narayan Regmi, Secretary floored the agenda. Mr. Kedar Bilash Nagila, Secreatary and Mr. Karnakhar Khatiwada and Mr. Netra Mani Dumi Rai, Members looked after management of the event. Members Ms. Ambika Regmi and Mr. Suren Sapkota along with Mr. Ramesh Khatri, Member of the Editorial Board documented the activities.

The meeting had been successful as the former Presidents and Chief Editors assured the Executive Committee that they would  support the Committee from their respective field for the enhancement of the Society. They provided the Committee with the followiing suggestions:

  • The quality of the Journal should be maintained through peer review and serious editing process.
  • There should be regular academic programs like training, workshop, seminar, talk, etc. organized by LSN.
  • The amount collected through lifemembership should be deposited in the fixed account and other sources of income should be explored or sought.
  • The history of the Society should be documented.
  • The scope of the Society should be extended, the scholars from other departments and disciplines should be invited to join the activities and also to be in the committee as linguistics is getting more and more interdisciplinary subject encompassing the areas traditionally thought under other disciplines.

Mr. Parajuli expressed his commitment to follow suggestions from the senior people from the chair and closed the program.